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Seek Help:  You don’t have to do it all alone

Caregivers’ Comfort Creations®, LLC was originally inspired by my parents, Katherine “Kitty” Cook and Culbreth “Cookie” Cook when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  At the age of 84, my father, a W.W. II veteran, became her primary Caregiver and my husband and I became her long-distance Caregivers.  After many long-distance conversations and visits, it became apparent to me that all Caregivers need daily reminders telling them how much they are loved and appreciated for what they do. When I could not be there daily to personally express my appreciation to my dad, I decided to create something that would and Caregivers’ Comfort Creations®, LLC was born with the first product being the Caregivers’ Comfort®Journal and Record Book for my dad.

The Birth of Caregivers’ Comfort Creations®, LLC

Moving from Chicago’s northern suburbs to Florida in 2000 provided the necessary platform for relocating my dad from Cleveland to Florida to live with my husband and me as he was experiencing dementia as a result of mini-strokes.  My contact with other Caregivers increased with the move and I noted that many others did not have my Caregiving advantages:  a loving family, resources, and as an only child, the autonomy to do what was necessary without sibling/family intrusions.  To accomplish my mission of Caregiver support and empowerment, I combined my Corporate background in HR and Training and personal experiences to facilitate a Caregiver Support Group, design Caregiver Workshops and prepare material for Speaking to Caregiver audiences.  And I translated my love and expertise with Event Planning into much needed Celebrations of Family Caregivers.

In addition to my parents, my husband and I have also been long-distance Caregivers to his sister in assisted living in Chicago who suffered with MS until she passed in 2008.Also in 2008, we became Caregivers to a very elderly independent aunt who fell, broke her hip and had to have 2 surgeries within 7 months of relocating to us from Michigan, dramatically changing our Caregiving dynamics for the three years we took responsibility for her.

My passion is the Caregiver because I personally know the repercussions Caregiving has had on my life since 1996.  Caregiver responsibilities do vary from family to family and patient to patient, but there is one common thread:   All Caregivers risk their own physical, mental and emotional well-being because they are so deeply affected by their Caregiving circumstances.

The information and Products on this website are designed to empower, inspire, support and motivate you, the Caregiver, and your Caregiving team so that all “May continue being the Caregiver rather than the one requiring care”.


You are loved and Appreciated. Bless you.Take Comfort in your Caregiving.

Julie Cook Downing is a dedicated Cornerstone Lifecare Consultant and President of Caregivers’ Comfort Creations®, LLC.

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