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ALL CAREGIVERS, THANK YOU FOR VISITING CAREGIVERS' COMFORT® PRODUCTS!  All products have been created by Julie because of her recognition beginning in 1996 that Caregivers need Support, Appreciation, Inspiration and MORE!  She learned this because her beloved father, age 84, became the primary Caregiver to her mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's. And Julie was the long distance Caregiver living in another state and saw the needs of her father as a Caregiver.  These products will help you organize, plan, be inspired and MORE! The Printable and Digital Calendars are an ongoing tool for both you, the Caregiver, AND your Patients/Loved ones. 



ALL BUSINESSES INCLUDING Healthcare Professionals,  Veterans’ Organizations, Caregiver Organizations,  Medical Equipment Businesses, Senior Living Residences and MORE, THANK YOU FOR VISITING CAREGIVERS' COMFORT PRODUCTS.  Because you are Businesses that Care for Caregivers and serve Caregivers and their families, consider purchasing our products.  Caregivers' Comfort®products are one of a kind in the entire nation for Caregivers.  And the products make a wonderful “thank you”, incentive and planning tool for existing Caregivers and potential client families expressing interest in your business. 


The Caregivers' Comfort® Inspirational Caregivers and Veterans' Caregivers Printed Calendars gifted by businesses to their client families is a gift that provides planning, support and inspiration for an entire year.

Do you know a Caregiver?  Consider our products as a gift to them to help lighten their heavy load.